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Response Data Engineering combines the power of our Rescue Data Collection (RDC) Software with the cutting-edge technology used in the rugged Catcher Tablet PC. RDC and the Catcher's hardware combine to form the most powerful EMS patient recording and billing platform available today. RDE not only helps to increase form and billing accuracy while lowering your administrative cost but also uses today's technology to increase the quality of patient care by having continuous communication with local hospitals. The information below better explains how the RDC software can benefit your EMS operation. More information about the Catcher Tablet PC is listed below, right.


Records Patient and Billing Information
RDE helps to revolutionize time-consuming paperwork into digital information that can easily be transferred to patient and billing systems. The system can be customized to meet the needs of federal, state and local databases. Billing information can be customized to export data to your current billing software.

Reduce Costs of Maintaining Records
RDE helps to reduce the cost of data-entry from standard paperwork to digital form. Depending on the information, this can save 20 minutes to an hour of time paid to someone to enter the information. Over the course of a year, the money saved in data-entry expenses could potentially cover the cost of your RDC system.

Easily Enter Data in the Field
RDC runs on a user-friendly interface on a rugged, touchscreen tablet PC developed by Catcher, Inc. Quickly answer standard questions with the tip of your finger or write on the tablet using sophisticated handwriting recognition tools. Capture signatures from hospitals and EMS personnel for each form.

More Accurate Recording
Handwritten forms can easily be misread or filled in with wrong information which can make the data entered into your local database inaccurate or incomplete. RDC software makes sure standard questions are filled into the correct spots with accurate information. Accuracy of information is very important in all phases of patient care.

Billing Information Securely Collected
Billing information will be securely transferred to your current billing software.

Video & Picture - GPS/Time Stamp
The Catcher tablet PC has two cameras (front and back) to capture video and still images on scene of an accident. These pictures/videos are stamped with the GPS location it was taken and a date/time stamp for future reference. These pictures/videos can then be uploaded, on scene, to the hospital for advanced preparation before patient arrives.

Video Communication with Hospital
When using the Consol Command Center Software, hospitals or other command centers can be in video communication with each Catcher tablet (depending on local wireless communications or the purchase of satellite communications.)

Upload Pictures to Hospital
While on scene or en route, the Catcher PC can take and send pictures to the local hospital. This will help in assessing the situation a hospital is getting ready to be faced with.

Map Software with GPS Locator
Built in map software combined with the power of the GPS locator allows EMS personnel to easily find locations by simply knowing the address of the patient. Track your movements and get turn-by-turn directions to your destination.

GPS Enables Hospital to Track Route
Using the Consol Command Center Software and the GPS locator a hospital can track the movement of your vehicle and know exactly where you are in route to the hospital.

Better Records for Legal Issues
The more accurate and better the information you have can only help you in the process of defending yourself against any legal issues involving patient care. Pictures and video can prove to be a very valuable resource anytime a question about the patient's care.

Catcher, Inc. Tablet PC
-Extra-Rugged Design
-Fully-Functional Windows XP PC
-Front and Rear Cameras
-Full Motion Video or Still Pics
-Digital Voice Recorder
-GPS Receiver
-Wireless Communications
-Biometric Fingerprint Scanner

Other Tech Specs.
-Three-Year Warranty
-6.4" Sunlight Readable Display
-Intel Pentium M 1.4GHz
-2GB of RAM
-30 GB Hard Drive
-Two Batteries
-Speaker & Microphone
-Dimensions: 10.5"x7.75"x2.75"

Communications Capabilities
-10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
-802.11 b/g Wi-Fi
-Cellular or Satellite Capable

-MIL-STD 810F Compliant
-Ops. in -22F - 131F (Degrees)
-Operates in 98% Humidity
-Shock Resistant to 55 G's
-UL & FCC Certified



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